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Connect with even greater levels of joy, abundance and forgiveness by retrieving Your Soul Song and remembering your true essence.

"Your Personal Soul Song...

  • When you are in crisis your recorded Soul Song can remind you of your essence and calm you down
  • When you are having a health challenge take a moment with your Soul Song to remember your true health
  • When you are needing inspiration your Soul Song opens the portals to your divine self

TESTIMONIAL: I totally relate to your work , nothing I've heard anywhere is more beautiful than the pure healing power in your voice - which resonates, and resonates from a place you choose to share with others. That is quite remarkable... you have an incredible gift of healing.
-Mimi Lenox, Founder of
BlogBlast for Peace, The Peace Globe movement

I have this ability to target and release my clients core emotional energy issues and blocks. This is also part of my secret to retrieving your personal Soul Song. I have discovered that everyone has their own melody and I journey to your source energy and retrieve that melody. I then record it as an MP3 that can be downloaded onto your computer, burned onto a CD or downloaded into an iPod for continued healing and balancing.

The more you listen the more you balance and release.

Your Soul Song is a completely customized soul melody created with you in mind.

As I journey to your soul essence there is also an energetic healing that takes place, so the healing starts right away and continues every time you listen to it and you can listen to it indefinitely.

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"I have been listening to Jennifer's Earth Soul Song meditation almost every morning and feel so full of light and love afterwards.  I am sure you will also feel the deeper connection to the earth and the light within by experiencing this melody of the earth." Catherine Foster Artist, www.catherinefoster.com

"I listen to the soul Song of the Earth over and over, they are a true blessing of beauty… like honey for the soul. I can't help but sing along....over and over. Thank you for this gift." Anna-Marie from Sweden

“I am blown away by the work that you're doing.  This is  true healing. The energy of your Earth Soul Song (w/Ho'oponopono) is so powerful and amazing, I can't believe it!  I just wanted you to know much your work is truly valued and appreciated.  Thank you so much.”  Melinka Jordan

Sound is vibration, and vibration is essentially what each of us are at the atomic level.

I sync in with the harmony of your sound vibration to retrieve your individualized and personal melody. I have been told that pure tonal quality of my voice contributes to an auditory experience that uses the personal melody to re-balance your body to its natural state. The melody I create for you allows your cells to remember their vibrational harmonies to find further balancing and flow. There is also a meditation that comes with this package that opens you in preparation to receive your Personal Soul Song.

Jennifer retrieves your soul song delivering life-changing harmonies and vibrations to help you achieve new-found success in all areas of your life.

When your body is ready to re-organize into a new pattern of being it attracts the tools that will assist in that transformation. The reason you are on this page considering a soul song is because your inner knowing is being drawn to the new vibrational frequencies that your soul song will trigger.

Find out what many have discovered; your own personal soul song, a unique one of a kind imprint of your soul in music, reminding you of your true essence.

Here is what is included in your CD:

  • Your Soul Song accapella  (no accompaniment, voice only)
  • Your Soul Song accapella with a meditation
  • Your Soul Song accapella with Ho'oponopono in the background

Clients listen to the MP3 over and over. Many use it as one in their library of meditation tapes.

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