“Recession Proof Your Beliefs...

...with a special “pro abundance / anti-recession” Body Dialoging Session and Soul Song

From the Desk of Jennifer McLean

11:11 AM

So you are watching the news you are likely witnessing a new wave of fear being launched. "RECESSION!" they announced.

This does NOT have to be YOUR reality... truly you have the power within to create something different for yourself!

I believe in divine inspiration; these newscasts actually gave me an idea... I wanted to explore my own internal beliefs about recession AND hold the intention of finding a way to help all of us out of this, AND help YOU truly and deeply change your mind as well.

I have to admit it all bothered me a bit...

I went inside and looked within at my own beliefs about wealth, lack, recession and flow and once again found areas that were ready for release. I then thanked the newscast for offering me the impetus to explore and clear these thoughts. Then I was guided to something amazing...

Recession is only real if we make it real, if we fear it and focus too much attention on it then be energetic default that is what we are creating...

What we focus on in an obsessive way we manifest. What we focus on from a learning, clearing, re-patterning and re-aligning way we release, clear and open to the flow of life, love and abundance.

So I was guided to create this interesting new product; a recession busting Abundance enhancing body dialoging session, to clear the internal thoughts and beliefs around recession and lack, and open you up to the new beliefs of abundance and flow. This is all followed by the Soul Song of the Global Economy.

Sounds different huh?

Yeah, I thought so to. So I took the bait offered from divine inspiration, did my meditation and journeyed to the essence of the Global Economy... and what do you know there really was one (an essence present there). And it showed me the truth of it: that recession is in the minds of all of us, and that there is no lack, it is just our perception of it, and we, each of us individually, have the power and the opportunity to create abundance and flow for ourselves and in turn for everyone.

"Jennifer is like a spiritual gardener in that she helps us to find the fertile soil within ourselves and show us where to plant our own seeds."

Jeffrey Dunn, New York

Then I heard this glorious melody and I knew at that moment I wanted to record it and make it available to you. It is designed to help you resonate and to be in alignment with the truth of universal flow of well being... and thus was created The Soul Song of the Global Economy.

"Listening at first I didn't get your concept of vibrational healing through toning. But after listening I began to feel a slight shift in my energy where I wasn't even aware that I had it to begin with. This feeling has increased over time and with continued listening"  -- PC

As part of the soul song retrieval process, I sync in with the harmony of the target's sound vibration to retrieve the individualized and personal melody. I have been told that pure tonal quality of my voice contributes to an auditory experience that uses the melody to re-balance your body to harmonize with the essence of the melody. The melody allows your cells to remember their vibrational harmony to the truth of this essence, in this case the Economy, to find further balancing and flow.

As you listen to the body dialoging session and soul song, you will help in healing the economy by healing your internal beliefs about recession, opening you to abundance and in turn create a new found and deep seated "knowing" about your own abundance potential.

The body dialoging session follows my system of internal dialoging recorded in Joe Vitale's book The Key. It guides you to the internal places of holding and obstruction to lack and where you might hold your own unconscious beliefs about recession.

It also reintroduces the word "recession" into your unconscious mind to help you use the actual word "recession" as a trigger to feel the freedom and true happiness of security and wealth.

I know you will enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

"This Audio has profoundly change my financial abundance... since I started listening my fears have dissipated and I have created new ways of manifesting money almost as if by magic. Thank you Jennifer for this amazing gift." -- LJ

What is included in each audio Mp3:

  • Abundance body dialoging and Soul Song (runtime 57 minutes)
  • Soul Song of the Global Economy with Ho'oponopono overlaid in the background (runtime 10 minutes)
  • The Soul Song of the Global Economy on its own (without the meditation or Ho'oponopono)

"Thank you for the breath of your words....a healing balm to my spirit."  CD

Now for only $77 $57... $37.00!

[PLEASE NOTE: This is a downloadable product]

In light, love, laughter and abundance,

P.S. As you might know my Personal Souls Songs that I do for individuals are $250 each. This soul song is the same idea but also included is a more thorough and customized meditation for you to embrace your abundance AND for the healing of the economy, YOU CAN make a difference... So for only $37.00 you can't miss!

P.S.S. Many are telling me that this is the thing that made the difference and are taking them to the feeling and life of richness, ease, and just plain less fear. I know you will feel the same.

Yes, I am Ready to open myself fully to MY Abundance!  

Note: you will not receive a physical product this is a downloadable audio

OK, I want it!

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