Listen to the testimonials:

"Join me… as I share the secrets I used to go from…. a struggling, broke, single woman, to an empowered individual, overcoming self doubt and creating an online empire...

This  4-Day Streaming Through Video-On-Demand Broadcast will change your life and the way you do business!!

Healing LIFE, Healing Business
Streamed to YOUR Computer
(Archived/Video-On-Demand to Watch at YOUR Leisure)

~Day 1 and 2~
Now is your chance to explore and heal the areas within your life, during the first two days, identifying internal core issues and releasing the obstacles to financial security, personal freedom and uncovering and identifying your personal gifts, restoring a sense of true fulfillment

~Day 3 and 4~
On the last two days you will systematically learn the steps to…. identifying your niche, establish a brand identity, step by step procedures and strategies to create new products and build a successful online business

You don't have to fly...

No hotels...

watch at your convienice (video-on-demand)...

Or watch live...

You won't miss a thing...

I have now developed something REALLY special for you: Healing  Life, Healing Business a Streamed Event You Can Experience From Your Living Room

Imagine starting a business that supports your abundance and wealth strategies AND supports your soul by doing something you love?

You will find these openings and strategies during this special 4-day Live streamed and/or Video-On-Demand workshop: HEAING LIFE, HEALING BUSINESS.

I have created a sacred space, a safe environment and a beautiful community of like minds that I would love for you to experience firsthand. There were many who could not make it to the in-person event in Southern California because of work schedules and cost/time for travel... so this is your opportunity to participate virtually and experience the event LIVE streamed right to your computer. It will also be available for Video-On-Demand anytime during or after the event

This workshop is the place to try something completely different and really discover who you are meant to be.

Isn’t this the time to experience your birthright of wealth and success and acknowledgment? I think you will experience that in a way you didn’t know was possible through this weekend program.

Most workshops either deal with internal healing and personal growth and development OR business and identifying and implementing business strategies...

Though my personal experience they both are intertwined... and when you honor each aspect--both personal and the business side--miracles happen

This is going to be different than anything you have previously encountered:

  • 2 days of healing, releasing and re-patterning…


  • 2 days of marketing and business strategies

When you are most open and clear we will be spending two days on practical business and marketing programs much of which you will NEVER find in a regular classroom or even from a traditional marketer...

I was a traditional marketer and what I have learned about achieving success in the online marketing and business world (no matter what niche or target audience you are pursuing or what level of business acumen you have) has brought me to a new understanding of what is possible for everyone.

AND I am going to teach you how to apply these new principles and techniques to your business and life...

  • How to take what you love (even if it is a hobby) and generate income---LOTS of income
  • How to create a product from NOTHING
  • How to build a list and drive traffic
  • Creating multiple streams of income (NO Multi Level Marketing)
  • Creating a teleseminar empire
  • Elevating yourself as an expert

ALL of this is yours, EVEN if you are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, and even if you are not even a business person!

And if you are a business person you can take this information (as I did) and build an empire that belongs completely to you.

SO... The first two days are a set up to help you release the internal obstacles to your success and wealth…

First Two Days (Streamed Video-On-Demand) - CLEARING AND RELEASING THE OBSTACLES:

  • We are going to go deep to explore and excavate the soul challenges to your success

  • We will be using one-on-one demonstrations from volunteer participants

  • Included will be many experiential Body Dialoging sessions

  • I will be delivering Souls Songs, Toning and a special singing crystal bowl concert for vibrational sound release

  • You will experience group and individual exercises

  • We will explore whatever flows out in the moment using the group energy

  • You will open yourself to your own gifts and clear the obstacles to hear divine inspiration

  • Plus there will be special healing sessions with guest speakers Healing With the Masters speakers Dee Wallace, Sandra Lemieux, and EFT specialist Mary A. Hall

These workshops tend to be powerful catalysts for change… the power of the group intention and the models that I use create a safe environment to go deep and explore while being present and nurtured.

And of course there will be much laughter and fun.


Who is Jennifer McLean as Healer / Coach / Facilitator / Industry Leader?
Jennifer has trained in several modalities of healing including energetic and sound therapies working with individuals by phone and in-person for 18 years. She was included in The Secret’s featured teacher Joe Vitale’s bestselling book The Key, covering her own dialoging healing system. She is also included in the book Who Do You Think You Are with the likes of Jack Canfield, Bob Procter and John Gray and is included in a new Harper Collins book The Vision Board Book launched October 08. Her own book The Big Book of YOU was released in November 08 to much acclaim. She is also the host of the popular Healing With the Masters – The Daily Work program interviewing the renowned leaders in spirituality, healing and new thought.


The second half of the 4 days will be about real world marketing and new business strategies…

The Last Two Days (Streamed Video-On-Demand) - CREATING A NEW CAREER / GROWING YOUR BUSINESS:

  • We will be showing you ways that you can create a completely new online business for yourself
  • If you have a current offline business I will show you how to take it online and increase your net earnings by 10 times or more (and work less!)
  • I will be sharing the marketing model Credibility Branding that I invented from 23 years as a business and marketing strategist and will show you how to elevate yourself as an expert quickly and how that can convert sales and customers faster
  • Ever wonder about how to use the media, you will experience a step by step model of how to leverage the press
  • I will also be sharing the online business model you can use to build a high six figure salary within a very short period of time (one that I personally experienced)
  • Guest speaker Don Osborne (superstar online marketer) will walk you through starting an online business from scratch and other essential information about Web 2.0 marketing and business strategies (even for ABSOLUTE beginners!)
  • You don't have to know how to do ANYTHING technical either,  I will teach you the basis to get started AND I will introduce you to some freelancers that for a nominal feel can do the heavy lifting

By the time you leave you will have what you need to start something or add something immediately (plus the clearing from the first two days to actually DO IT).

Something consider...  I learned most of the information about online business and marketing strategies from attending workshops and working with coaches... I spent tens of thousands, but you don't have to.


Who is Jennifer McLean as Marketing and Business Strategist:
As a market communications strategist and online entrepreneur Jennifer wrote The Credibility Factor to help clients establish a business based on brand credibility. The book is based on her model Credibility Branding, and both the book and her consulting services help companies and online infoprenuers to influence the influencers to improve the speed of sales. Jennifer has worked with and applied these strategies with market leaders such as Microsoft, Canon, Pioneer, Oroweat bread, America and Online (AOL) among others. She also uses these strategies every day for her own online empire of and Jennifer is a speaker, commentator, guest contributing writer and consultant, and has spoken for PRSA, AMA, IIR, Association for Women in Technology, Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum, UCLA Entrepreneurs Association, and has been a regular guest speaker for the University of California Irvine's MBA program and the UCLA Adult Extension program.


The 4-Day Healing Life, Healing Business workshop will have guest speakers on both the healing side and the business/marketing side that will add a richness to your learning and ensure that you have what you need by the end to make 2009 your best year.


Mary A. Hall

Mary A. Hall is passionate Healer with her own H.E.A.R.T and L.E.T. systems of healing, and she is a renowned E.F.T. specialist. Mary incorporates these modalities when working with clients. She is a life empowering "coach" that has many tools at hand to coach her clients from an energetic, cognitive and physical perspective, into health. Her versatility is one of the key ingredients to her success--that, combined with her remarkable ability to quickly hone in on the subtle energies and the core issues allows her to guide clients gently and in a focused way to release blocks and therefore attain their desired goals.

Mary's perceptions and understanding of the energetic system is profound and intuitive. In fact she has used this intuitive gift to define a new healing paradigm called H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Application Resonance Technique) that imbues an energy healing session with the primary essence of love energy creating a field of new possibilities to shift tissue, cells and beliefs into a new form. well as her  L.E.T. Mary is going to use her many modalities to help guide you through any obstacles to the resolve you would need to achieve your dreams

Sandra Lemieux

Sandra LeMieux is an interfaith minister, intuitive life coach, energy medicine practitioner, and workshop facilitator. She is dedicated to the expansion of consciousness, healing and the enrichment of human potential among individuals and within organizations.  Through the her gift of clairvoyance, Sandra’s assesses the truth of a situation, or of a person, providing her clients with unique insights that helps them make positive choices and avoid potentially damaging circumstances. She serves as a bridge from the state you are currently experiencing, be it personal or professional, to the success and freedom your spirit was meant to experience. Sandra is passionate about re-connecting each person with whom she works to his or her “True Self,” to unleash the power, brilliance and wisdom that resides within them.

By “tuning-in” to a person or a situation, Sandra can identify energetic or emotional patterns that may unconsciously create self-sabotage or illness. Thus, she can help the individual dissolve their limiting beliefs and behaviors and accept positive new beliefs that promote wellness, happiness and success. Her humor, candor and gift as an advocate for the soul create a rich, compassionate and nurturing environment.

An experienced manager, project manager, trainer, human resources consultant and an ordained Reverend Sandra has enjoyed a long and successful career working with a number of Fortune 500 companies. As a result of her corporate experience, she is able to combine traditional business practices and personal experience with metaphysical solutions that promote positive growth in the individual and the bottom line of the enterprise.

Dee Wallace

This face looks familiar right? Dee Wallace is a well known actress best known for her portrayal of the mother in Steven Spielberg's academy award winning movie ET. Dee has spent the last decade developing a remarkable healing model designed to work deeply in the core energy systems of the psyche to encourage profound yet instant release. Working with her self-developed model, she lovingly helps you tap into those beliefs and constrictions (without the need to keep "telling your story") that may be holding you back from perfect health, abundance and joy.

Dee discovered this healing model she calls The I~M System of healing through teaching at her acting school. As she coached her students she discovered ways to help them access internal programming, which lead to her discoveries of the multiple proprietary healing tools of The I~M System (which also relates to the deep “I Am” of beingness).

She has used her system in her own life to overcome the ups and downs of Hollywood, manage the profound grief from her husband's sudden death at the age of 55, and personal childhood challenges... and she will show you how to overcome and release your life challenges once and for all.

Don Osborne

Don Osborne is coach and online expert and lead trainer for Nitro, the Internet marketing industry's renowned leaders of online business strategies. Don is the lead designer for the Nitro course and brings 25 years of training experience.  With over 7 years of experience in online programs he is an industry veteran and has a true gasp on the many nuances of online marketing strategies. One of the key words is "strategy," he has a way of helping beginners and advanced students alike move beyond tactical list to pursue a clear strategy that allows the tactics to be clear and obvious. In his lectures and training's Don not only delivers the dozen or more revenue models but has first hand implementation experience that is invaluable to new students to online marketing and business strategies. Trainer facilitator coach and consultant, Don distills all the online marketing and business into actionable easy to learn systems that can be applied immediately.

Healing Life, Healing Business 4-Day workshop

As you can see there is no room for anything but learning, growing and evolving all done in a safe, and supportive environment of change and increasing vibrational attunement. So join us!

HOW TO VIEW: Streamed to your computer, watch the workshop Video-On-Demand when it is convenient for you. No additional technology needed.

You know I am a big fan of gifts and this workshop will be no exception... on the first day of the workshop you will also be sent some downloadable gifts that includes products from the speakers, AND some other partners are contributing... the value for these special downloadable gift totals approximately $225, almost the cost of the streaming event!!

4-Day Healing Life, Healing Business Workshop VALUE:  JUST 2 DAYS WITH ME WOULD COST $2400 The time with the other speakers that you will experience  would cost $3000 minimum. PLUS if you look into ANY other course teaching you the depth and breadth of information about online business you can't find anything less than $2000 - $3000 (I know I have taken them).
TOTAL VALUE is more than
$6000. AND those that are attending in person are paying $595... ALL this is yours for just $695, $595

Pre-Launch SPECIAL JUST $247

Lock in this pre-launch price before the price goes up to $327 (an $80 savings) on Feb 23 EXTENDED!

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This is PRE-LAUNCH Discounted price…

Between now and Feb 13 EXTENDED and just for you (because you took the initiative to check out this program) you can join us for just $5,500, $1095, $695 $595 $247 for ALL FOUR DAYS of streaming content! On Friday Feb 23 EXTENDED the price will go up to $327.

You get this amazing 4-day program, over 28 hours of experience, for just $61.75 A DAY!

YES Jennifer I am ready to change my business and move fully into my abundance, AND have the Pre-Launch $80 Discount of ONLY $247 for ALL 4 DAYS of VOD Streaming Content!



I know a lump sum can be difficult... if you want to break your payments into two instead of one lump sum sign up with this link:

Payment Plan - 2 Payments - make 1 payment today and 1 more in 30 days
Yes Jennifer let me pay in two payments of $135 to watch this remarkable workshop streamed through video-on-demand 

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Note: you will pay a smidgen more for the payment plan to allow for administrative costs

Pre-Launch discount only available until Feb 23 EXTENDED

YES!! I want the healing release and the business tools to truly live my passion, (and give me the Pre-Launch $80 Discount of ONLY $247 for ALL 4 DAYS!)

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I can hardly wait to work with you!

Blessings, Light, and Laughter


P.S. This inaugural Healing Life, Healing Business event will likely double or triple the next time I do it, but it feels like right now there is a HUGE need so I want to make if affordable, so join me while the price is less than $1000.

P.S.S. There will be LOADS of special gifts, some come ready to receive!

WOO HOO I am here and going to move into the next best version of me! Sign me up for this great price of only $247 to watch this amazing event though Video-On-Demand

If you're having trouble ordering through this link it is normally a browser issue if you upgrade to the latest (3.0.1) version of FireFox it will definitely work... go to  and click on the download link. If you continue to have problems send me an email and I will be glad to help you complete your order.

ALSO here is a special preview call with the speakers about Abundance and Success... click here to download or listen now with the player below     Jennifer McLean-