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Discover a new sense of deep wellness in mind, spirit and body... and new found success in life  

We all have stories. Sometimes we dwell on those stories: Someone, your parents, your friends, your boss did something to you.

We dwell on these negative incidents because they are often still stuck in our bodies. When old negative thinking and  debris is stuck in various energy blocks in our bodies, it acts like big rocks in the river of our lives and slows down the energy flow. When the energy flow is blocked we get sick and feel physical pain. It might also show up as emotional pain and mental fatigue (memory loss etc.)

The opportunity is to get clear, to take each moment and look at what we are feeling emotionally and how that is showing up in our bodies. Our bodies are perfect diagnostic tools.

Every physical pain and disease has a thought behind it; a belief that has grown a hard skin of protection  that  cannot be interrupted. Emotional healing and release allows access to that thought. The day of going backwards into the story, into the trauma are over. That  process just re-affirms the trauma again, and according to the law of attraction, attracts more of the same.

By going deep and accessing the thought that created the traumatic moment, that then got stuck in the body,  accessing that creates a spontaneous change. The body intelligence then sighs into a new and reorganized pattern, opening the flow to all the good you would ever want. Finding the thought/belief behind our old stories, acknowledging that thought, thanking it for its protection (it likely protected us in the moment of trauma) and allowing it to release opens the portals to abundance, flow and joy.

Jennifer offers energetic healing techniques combined with a unique philosophy and an uncanny knack for finding the core emotional events that block the flow.

  • Results are a deep clearing and release of multiple layers of pain.
  • Results include the ability to flow in harmonious ways attracting more harmony and balance.
  • Results allow for a deeper understanding of what you don't want and a pristine vision of what it feels like to have the clarity and deep sense of knowing to create what you DO want.

Exercise: The Negative Story Process

  1. Tell yourself your negative story or victimhood, but you only have 1- 2 minutes to tell it!
  2. What does that story feel like in your body? Feel it. Where in your body are feeling this negative emotion? Feel that.
  3. Now say to yourself, "I don't want to feel this anymore."
  4. Next say to yourself, "what do I WANT to feel?" Connect and anchor into your solar plexus and heart area to help to identify what it is you want to feel.
  5. Move the feeling sense from your mind (where most of us think we are feeling) into your body. What does it feel like in your body to have the new positive energies that you want. What does it feel like in you body to feel peace, to feel joy, to feel confident, to feel abundance? Where in your body do you feel these glorious energies? Stay in your body and really feel these new positive energies.
  6. Take it to the next level now and describe what your life looks like with these feelings. Use the anchored feeling you discovered in you body to anchor it into a story, a visualization of your life and how it appears when you are really congruent with these positive energies.
  7. Take that story back into you body again and feel it.

This is the Law of attraction in action; when you talking about your old stories and "who done you wrong," you are reinforcing that energy and attracting more of it. Use this exercise to move you into what your really want, and to use your body as the anchor for those feelings creating a momentum of good rushing toward you.

Set up a session with Jennifer today  or learn more about what a session looks like. If you are in the Orange County California area you can have an in person session. Her telephone sessions for those out of town are equally as powerful. (Book your tele-healing session now)


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